Post-Stroke Communications

James Israel after Stroke - Aphasia 

I designed some basic reinvent areas.  The areas are Alphabet, Color, Numbers, Body, Car, Trip, Doctor, Food, Meals, Home, Morning, Evening, Phone, Help, Sports, Time, Day, Calendar, Work and Rehabilitation. 

Strokes are common on both sides of my family.  I am 71 years old.  I was biking on one of the world's fastest bikes.  I was riding too fast at 25 MPH.  I had a splitting headache.  Later that evening I had problems speaking.  It was a couple of days before I could make myself understood verbally.  It was determined I had a stroke.  The stroke affected my speech which is called Aphasia.  Speech is a big part of my ability to enjoy my life.  After the best professional help I still needed more help.  My speech is constantly becoming more understood.  I continue to work on exercises, education and strive to achieve above and beyond what is required.  This has developed into meaningful exercises and an interest for a life goal.  I keep reviewing and learning.  My family, friends and others encourage me to share what I have developed.

In have a masters degree in education.  My past employment was with IBM, Research Foundation of SUNY, NYS and a consultant.  I have independently developed Knowledge Stroke Inc.

James Israel, 12 Meadowlark Drive, Latham, New York 12110
Cell: 518-229-7080

Please let me know if these excises can help you.  I hope you can succeed and go beyond what I have accomplished.